Guardians Note – リアルタイム・ダンジョン探索・カジュアル放置RPG – APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android

Guardians Note – RPG – APK MODs Unlimited Money Hack Download for android

Guardians Note – リアルタイム・ダンジョン探索・カジュアル放置RPG – Download .APK Hacked/MODs for Android

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Guardians Note – リアルタイム・ダンジョン探索・カジュアル放置RPG – Information

Developed byCamel Games, Inc
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What Is New

Bugs Fixed.
Modded new feature.


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Guardians Note – リアルタイム・ダンジョン探索・カジュアル放置RPG – APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android ★近日予定しているバージョンアップの内容
・ ダメージ周りの検証
・ その他、追加コンテンツの実装




・シンプルで奥深い 成長 & 冒険システム! 成長 & 強化 させるパラメーターによって、探索や戦闘が変化!



・階層の上へ上へ目指す 冒険者達
・階層の下へ下へ降りてくる 敵達



・ダンジョンの探索 ※ホームで「待機」していれば、敵と遭遇しにくくなりますが経験値は発生しません



・冒険者(ヒューマン)と ガーディアン が融合した「ユナイト」を随時追加していきます


デザイン:Douzo LLC
★ Contents of the upcoming version upgrade
・ Verification around damage
・ Implementation of other additional contents


◆ The core of the casual neglected game “Real-time dungeon exploration / casual neglected RPG”!
◆ Casual RPG that you can enjoy even when you are not playing games!
◆ Infinite adventure to a huge dungeon with “Guardians”!

[Game features: Set in a huge dungeon different space world]

・ Even if left unattended, adventurers repeatedly search for “sortie!” And “return!” Infinitely!
・ Legendary enemies roam the dungeon and invade infinitely!
・ If an adventurer and an enemy meet on the same level … “Abandoned battle”!
・ “Guardian” to save adventurers! Evolve and bring your mythical Guardian!
・ Simple and profound growth & adventure system! Exploration and battle change depending on the parameters to grow and strengthen!

[Game overview]

This game is an abandoned RPG that allows you to “leave it unattended”, which was unlikely!
Adventurers will permanently search for neglect in a huge dungeon.
However, the enemies are also wandering in the dungeon.

・ Adventurers aiming to move up the hierarchy
・ Enemies descending down the hierarchy
If you encounter them on the same level, “battle” will start and you will continue to fight until one of them collapses.

[Indicator of how to enjoy the game]

Experience value acquisition trigger
・ Dungeon exploration * If you are “waiting” at home, it will be difficult to encounter enemies, but experience points will not be generated.
・ Number of attacks
・ Number of times of being attacked

If you feel that the enemy is getting stronger
・ Let’s lower the target floor!
To some extent, let’s continue to search within the hierarchy range where enemies that can be defeated surely roam, earn experience points and level up
・ Let’s set up a simultaneous sortie!
It is a tactic that all adventurers set up a search at the same time.
* Since the time of the progress hierarchy varies depending on the value of parameter (S), it is one of the tactics to adjust the value of (S) to some extent.
・ Let’s evolve the Guardian
Evolution of guardians is efficient in parameter growth, and it is one of the tactics to evolve low rare guardians in the early stages.
・ Let’s resonate (strengthen) the Guardian
When it resonates, the parameters of the guardian of the same race will rise uniformly.

◆ Future version up schedule

・ We will continue to add “Unite”, which is a fusion of adventurers (humans) and guardians.
・ Others, hierarchy, additional treasure updates, etc.

◆ Production

Program: Keisan Yoshi
Design: Douzo LLC
・リワード画面 / ユーザー行動の説明のより一層の明示
・リワード画面 / ユーザー行動の完了に対して提供するアプリ内報酬の説明のより一層の明示

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