Food Fantasy フードファンタジー 1.34.10 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android

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Food Fantasy APK MODs Unlimited Money Hack Download for android

Food Fantasy フードファンタジー Download .APK Hacked/MODs for Android

All Apps Download For Android (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Apk of Food Fantasy フードファンタジー file
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Food Fantasy フードファンタジー Information

Developed by Camel Games, Inc
Size 46MB
uploaded by
Required APP
Totall Download 100,000+

What Is New

Bugs Fixed.
Modded new feature.


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Food Fantasy フードファンタジー APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android 料理が擬人化!?



















Android 4.1以降

Anthropomorphic food! ??
Gourmet anthropomorphic RPG story + management simulation game
“Food Fantasy”

◆ What is “Food Fantasy”?

Exhilarating battle RPG x full-scale restaurant management simulation game

With a magnificent story in a fantastic world view
RPG and full-scale restaurant management
A completely new game that combines simulations!

Characters are anthropomorphic of various dishes from all over the world!
Including the familiar “Saury grilled with salt”, “Sashimi” and “Taiyaki”
“Foie gras saute”, “red wine”, “Mala crayfish”, etc.
That dish that I once ate and that dish that I want to eat
Appeared as a beautiful girl and handsome with the voices of gorgeous voice actors!

◆ Story

This is the world “Tiara” where humans and Ga-Rei coexist
One day, “Ochikami” suddenly tries to destroy the world
Appears, as a cooking samurai (ryorionji)
If you run a restaurant, you are a spiritual body born from food.
While adventuring Tiara by signing a contract with “Ga-Rei”
Fight against the fallen god. As the story progresses
The truth hidden in the darkness gradually becomes clear …

◆ Strategic battle

・ Summon and nurture Ga-Rei and take them on an adventure!
・ Team formation is the key! Let’s challenge by making full use of the cooperation skill of Ga-Rei!
・ Hone your talent skills and battle with the spirits!
・ Equip the Ga-Rei with a fallen god to improve its abilities! Confront the mighty fallen god!

◆ Full-scale restaurant management

・ Over 100 types of recipes!
・ Let’s cook a lot of dishes using the ingredients obtained in the battle!
・ The restaurant can be freely renovated! Let’s aim for a super popular store!
・ The staff are Ga-Rei! Liven up your favorite Ga-Rei and restaurants!

◆ Cute and cool characters

・ Various dishes from all over the world are now available! Let’s cultivate your favorite Ga-Rei!
・ The cast voice actors are also super gorgeous! You might even hear that line! ??
-Equipped with a liking system with Ga-Rei! Let’s deepen the bond!

◆ Enriched guilds and other elements
・ Join the guild when you reach a certain level. Collaborate with other players to challenge the quest!
・ Restaurants are not only stores but also deliveries! Let’s meet the needs of our customers!
・ Subquests are also substantial. Clear and get rewards and rare items!
・ In addition, there are an infinite number of replay elements!

◆ Gorgeous cast voice actors

・ Grilled saury with salt (Satoshi Hino)
・ Mala crayfish (Takuya Eguchi)
・ Chocolate (Kazuyuki Okitsu)
・ Red wine (Jun Fukuyama)
・ Mango pudding (Aoi Yuki)
・ Lushan Ungiri Tea (Miyuki Sawashiro)

◆ Official website

◆ Official Twitter

◆ Price
App body: Free
* Some paid items are available.

◆ Recommended terminal
Android 4.1 or later

◆ Caution
When downloading, a WiFi environment is recommended.

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