Chess Repertoire Manager Free – Build, Train, Play 3.8.71 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android

Chess Repertoire Manager Free – Build Train Play 3.8.71 APK MODs Unlimited Money Hack Download for android

Chess Repertoire Manager Free – Build, Train, Play Download .APK Hacked/MODs for Android

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Chess Repertoire Manager Free – Build, Train, Play Information

Developed byCamel Games, Inc
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Required APPAndroid 4.1+
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What Is New

Bugs Fixed.
Modded new feature.


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Chess Repertoire Manager Free – Build, Train, Play 3.8.71 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android Do you want to improve your chess skills? Are you looking for the perfect tool to build your opening repertoire? Or do you just want to play chess on your mobile phone on your spare time wherever you are? Much better is you want to practice playing chess games with your opening repertoire. Well, you found the right app. See the features below if this app have what you want. Download it to see for yourself and have a moment of Eureka!

Main App Features:

♞ Enjoy playing chess against the chess engine with 100 levels of playing strength to match your own or play with your friend on the same device. You can even use your own opening repertoire as opening book.
♞ Build and manage your repertoire, organize chess openings through folder hierarchy.
♞ Built-in Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) for your reference.
♞ Ability to backup and restore main database.
♞ Support for UCI chess engines and remote chess engines for analysis and playing (Stockfish is built-in).
♞ Add your own annotations and re-order candidate moves in your openings.
♞ Customize app theme, chessboard color and texture.
♞ Ability to import/export PGN files to/from your repertoire including nags, comments and variation lines.
♞ Included 4000 chess games of super grand masters in PGN file format for reference.
♞ Excellent chess theory book companion.
♞ Analyze your online games through the built-in chess engine.
♞ Integrated PGN viewer/editor.
♞ Ability to handle transpositions in your opening repertoire
♞ Listen to comments through your device’s speech engine.
♞ Ability to train randomly or sequentially either from starting board position or from anywhere in your opening tree.
♞ Ability to demo or preview line in training before trying the moves.

OPTION: If you want the premium version that you can use offline and without annoying ads with complete features that are limited in this app, please download Chess Repertoire Manager PRO – Train and Play.


Chess Repertoire Manager Free is a versatile chess training tool focusing in building opening repertoire but you can use it in many other ways. It’s a must have tool for every serious or tournament chess player’s arsenal. It’s a tool that helps you make your chess learning journey a fun but effective way.It also has a feature to improve your strategy, tactics and endgame skill.

Your main goal is gain an advantage and prevent a losing position by planning in advance your best reply for every possible opponent move in your openings . Use this app to gain this advantage.

Quick overview on how to use one of the main features of the app: First, open the app and go to manage repertoire. Add your opening. Then select Prepare. On the main UI (the chessboard) enter your move and every opponents expected move manually. Use the built-in chess engine to find your best move or use a good chess book. Alternatively, import a PGN file with many games including comments and variations to automatically populate your chess opening repertoire. Then you are ready to train your opening. Select train in the main menu. Train your chess opening repertoire by playing mock games against it until you are familiar (pattern recognition) with every terrain (variation lines) in your opening repertoire.

Basic user’s guide video:
Version 3.8.71
♞ Ability to copy existing opening or topic in Manage Repertoire.
♞ Added pop-up menu in comment area of Prepare Mode.
♞ Added DB integrity check, Reset DB, and Remove All Position Comments in Main Menu>Database.
♞ Added option to invert engine evaluation arrows color.
♞ Updated built-in engine to Stockfish 11.
♞ Added several options for training openings.
♞ More bug fixes

♞ Happy chess training!

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