泣き虫診断 7.0 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android

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7.0 APK MODs Unlimited Money Hack Download for android

泣き虫診断 Download .APK Hacked/MODs for Android

All Apps Download For Android (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Apk of 泣き虫診断 file
Playstore id = net.testii.nakimushitest

泣き虫診断 Information

Developed byCamel Games, Inc
uploaded byhttps://2filehippo.com
Required APPAndroid 4.1+
Totall Download10,000+

What Is New

Bugs Fixed.
Modded new feature.


Total votes:

泣き虫診断 7.0 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android 【使用例】

「もう、最低よ!」 、パンナコッタちゃんは怒っていました。
いつも意地悪をしてくるカタラーナ君に、今日もお掃除当番 を押し付けられてしまったのです。
「『パンナは泣き虫だから、ぞうきんを濡らす必要がない』なんて言うの。ウミガメだってそんなに 泣かないわよ!」


「だって、カタラーナ君、ひどいのよ。わたしの泣き顔を見て、『猿のお尻みたいだ』って言った の」




「……65%」 お婆さんはパンナコッタちゃんの頭をそっと撫でます。






【Example of use】

“The other, at least I!”, Panna cotta chan was angry.
To Katarana kun to come to the always nasty, and I had been pressed against the cleaning duty today.
“” Because Panna’s a crybaby, and the I say there is no need “to wet a rag. I’ll not cry so much Even sea turtles!”

“Panna cotta-chan.” Short-tempered is the original than “of Sonki”
Favorite grandmother is comfort.

“I mean, Katarana kun, I terrible No. Look at my crying face,” and I said I like it “ass monkey”
“It sounds, it’s because Katarana kun also a crybaby, says the rising strength”
The “different I, because Katarana kun, and I did not cry even watching Thailand ○ Nick”
“But, it probably does not mean I watched together?”
“that’s right, but……”

Old woman, from the pocket of the apron, then remove the pale pink of the smartphone.
Then, relying on reading glasses, it will slowly slide your finger.

“Panna cotta-chan, please try to do this.”
“Grandma, what’s this?”
“This is a” crybaby Diagnostics’ ”
“Oh, I always app grandmother!”
“Now, because good and get started.”

Leave but panna cotta-chan is said, I will begin the diagnosis.
“” Do you cry …… you have thrown the scum off the class mate? ”
I do not cry that kind of thing! ‘Cause if you Katarana Tsu-kun, the No come throw every eraser ”
Panna cotta-chan will proceed by honestly answer.

“Grandma, the results came out.”
 “How. What percent was the Chapter do?”
“…… 65%” old lady will pat gently the head of the panna cotta-chan.
“Panna cotta-chan. You’m a strong child than you think.”
“If Katarana Mr. doing, more crybaby kana …?”
and “Hey, why not. is brought now, the university? When you got to do.”
“No I, because if you Katarana Tsu-kun ……”

Sun also started late, outside are stained pale pink.
Then, grandmother was rising slowly to take the pudding snack.


To make the diagnosis, to answer the simple psychological testing of all 15 questions only.
In addition, the content of the questions will change randomly each time.

[Recommended those who like to! ! ]
☆ yourself become or “crybaby” cares
☆ I want to use to talk about making
☆ I do psychological testing, fortune-telling, the diagnosis well
☆ psychological testing, fortune-telling, are interested in the diagnosis
☆ I want a bit of killing time
☆ to sleep instead, free time

You can diagnose whether crybaby with a simple psychological test.
In addition, it has become a play with free app.

[Equipped with share button]
LINE, Twitter, can be shared to friends such as Facebook.
Yes, even to try to do it to tell friends, and perfect for making topic!

v5.2 ウェブビューの表示速度を改善
v5.3 依存SDKのアップデートに伴う更新
v6.0 一部Androidバージョンの不具合を解消

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