水族派對 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android

APK MODs Unlimited Money Hack Download for android

水族派對 Download .APK Hacked/MODs for Android

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Playstore id = com.nsn592.fishparty

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Developed byCamel Games, Inc
uploaded byhttps://2filehippo.com
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Bugs Fixed.
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水族派對 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android 養魚摸魚年年有魚,12星座通通收齊!















Keeping fish and catching fish, there are fish every year, all 12 constellations are collected!

“Aquarium Party” is an aquarium management game with cute and easy healing style. Everything starts from the cute fish island~ Here, you will play the role of an aquarium manager, take care of your aquarium anytime, anywhere, collect and unlock illustrations . As a newly joined curator, there will be a little assistant Mermaid Bubble to accompany and lead the curator to grow together! You who were selected by Bubble left your fast-paced real life and came to Mengyu Island to live a carefree life with cute and healed fishes. Collect all kinds of magical and fun little fish, including gourmet fish and dessert fish. , there are even cute pets such as unicorns, alpacas, kittens and puppies. While running the daily routine of the aquarium, you can find the trajectory of the ultimate target twelve constellation fish. Hurry up to collect cute fish and become the first sea king on the cute fish island. !

Game Features

【Leisure placement, easy fish farming】

The gameplay is simple, easy to place, and you can produce treasures by feeding them. Use the produced fish treasures to unlock and exchange for more advanced fish and fish in the water market. There are many kinds of fish. There are hundreds of beautiful and novel fish waiting for you to collect. In addition to the real koi and butterfly fish, there are also cat and dog fish, cute plant fish, national style porcelain fish, sweet and delicious gourmet fish, Noble and elegant twelve constellation fish and other novel and beautiful fish of different shapes. Realize easy and free matching and experience the joy of cloud fish farming! Come and light up all your illustrations~

【Cultivate novelty, harvest mutant cute fish】

Each cute fish has three forms, and there is a chance to mutate into a new type of fish during the last upgrade. It may change color, change shape, and acquire new characteristics. Each fish has its own story… everything It is unknown and with surprises, come and try your mutation luck by raising cute fish with mutant traits~

[Star Soul Awakens, Cute Fish Becomes Human Shape]

In the Star Soul Awakening gameplay, after putting the strengthened five-star perfect constellation fish into the awakening altar for awakening, the fish will become a cute little man of the corresponding constellation. Dialogue dubbing, you can also check the daily fortune of your constellation in the collection hall in daily life. Come and unlock your own constellation Yuyu and explore the stories and easter eggs behind the constellations.

[Easy socializing, creating a fish music circle]

Yule Circle is a gathering place for curators who like fish and fish. You can find your own friends to form or join other people’s fish circle. Joining the fish circle can build a fish circle with cute friends, collect fish treasures, and challenge together. Dungeon, improve the level of the fish circle, to get more fish circle benefits, here you can share life with cute friends, exchange fish collection strategies, maybe you can find like-minded friends in it~

[Harvest cute pets and travel to islands for a limited time]

The money turtle who loves to sing, the master fighting hermit crab, the cute and innocent water elf, the rich sea hare… A variety of cute and cute pets are waiting for you to unlock, and the unlocked cute pets will be different in the fish pond There are many islands such as Fossil Island, Yuqu Island, etc. waiting to be opened during the trip. You can unlock them one by one by obtaining blueprints when you travel to the islands with your pet. There is also a time-limited trip on the island, you can travel with your friends, get fish eggs on the limited-time island to hatch cute fish, and quickly bring your cute pet and friends to team up to see whose pet is cuter~

[Painting style Q cute, decompression and healing]

The game style is cute and healing. You can leave all your unhappiness here and look at the cute fish, and your mood will also improve. You can mix and match the colorful backgrounds to create the cute fish ornamental tank in your mind; here , all you need to do is to enjoy the happiness of the fish farmer; the interface is simple to operate, the style of painting is fresh, and there are more daily activities and small playground games waiting for you to explore~

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