Zuvio 校園 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android

Zuvio APK MODs Unlimited Money Hack Download for android

Zuvio 校園 Download .APK Hacked/MODs for Android

All Apps Download For Android (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Apk of Zuvio 校園 file
Playstore id = com.zuvio.student

Zuvio 校園 Information

Developed byCamel Games, Inc
uploaded byhttps://2filehippo.com
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Totall Download500,000+

What Is New

Bugs Fixed.
Modded new feature.


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Zuvio 校園 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android Zuvio校園,帶你修滿學業、興趣、感情,大學必備學分!

【話題】 大學生的專屬論壇,隨時隨地分享心情。投票功能讓你快速找到共同話題的同學,每周超過 1000 篇學生發文,支援影片讓創意互動性更高。熱門看板:感情、交友自介、表特、創作、ACG…。

【Zook】 最生火最實用的美妝保養、流行時尚大小事,提升生活質感的全新內容!不論是彩妝、保養或穿搭風格…..等;買之前先來爬爬文絕對不吃虧!分享更多愛美新資訊,從同儕交流間互相成長,讓我們一同發掘更多日常小美好,即時與Zook連線!追求更自信的自己吧!

【學習】 全台使用率第一的課堂互動APP,Zuvio 致力於改善台灣大學生害羞,不敢發言與不敢跟老師互動的狀況。並藉由學習特區,老師在課堂上可與學生即時互動,增加學生主動發表意見的機會。

【交友】 咖啡廳/小包廂是大學生專屬的匿名聊天室,休閒時可以快速找到聊天夥伴,分享生活中的大小事、認識更多不同學校的朋友。3日CP 是為期三天的模擬戀愛小遊戲,透過雙方一同完成話題任務,讓你們越聊心越近。

客服信箱:[email protected]
The Zuvio campus will take you to complete your studies, interests, and relationships, and the necessary credits for university!

[Topic] Exclusive forum for college students to share feelings anytime, anywhere. The voting function allows you to quickly find classmates on the same topic. More than 1,000 student posts are posted every week. Supporting videos makes creative interaction more interactive. Popular billboards: feelings, self-introduction, presentation, creation, ACG…

[Zook] The most popular and practical beauty care, fashion and big things, new content that enhances the quality of life! Whether it’s make-up, maintenance or dressing style…..etc; you will never lose out if you come to crawl before you buy! Share more new information about Aimei, grow from peer exchanges, and let us discover more daily beauty together, and connect with Zook instantly! Pursue a more confident self!

[Learning] Zuvio, the most used classroom interactive app in Taiwan, is committed to improving the shyness of college students in Taiwan, who dare not speak or interact with teachers. And through the learning zone, teachers can interact with students in class in real time, increasing the opportunities for students to actively express their opinions.

[Make friends] The coffee shop/small box is an anonymous chat room exclusively for college students. You can quickly find chat partners during leisure, share big and small things in life, and meet more friends from different schools. CP 3 Days is a three-day simulated love game. Through the completion of topic tasks by both parties, the more you talk, the closer you get.

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FB fan group: https://www.facebook.com/CPfordays/
Customer service mailbox: [email protected]

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