Mildom(ミルダム) ゲーム実況・ライブ配信アプリ!配信者やプロゲーマーのライブ動画配信 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android

Mildom APK MODs Unlimited Money Hack Download for android

Mildom(ミルダム) ゲーム実況・ライブ配信アプリ!配信者やプロゲーマーのライブ動画配信 Download .APK Hacked/MODs for Android

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Mildom(ミルダム) ゲーム実況・ライブ配信アプリ!配信者やプロゲーマーのライブ動画配信 Information

Developed byCamel Games, Inc
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Bugs Fixed.
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Mildom(ミルダム) ゲーム実況・ライブ配信アプリ!配信者やプロゲーマーのライブ動画配信 APK (MODs, Unlimited Money) Hack Download for android Mildomは、スマホやPCで手軽に配信、視聴できる総合ライブ配信サービスです。



Mildom is a comprehensive live distribution service that you can easily distribute and watch on your smartphone or PC.
You can also enjoy live videos of popular games.
It is also good to get excited with the rivers by face-to-face chat distribution.
You can also be a river (distributor).
Watch the distribution of famous e-sports players and get excited about the incandescent battle.
It is also good to get excited with the rivers by face-to-face chat distribution.
Find your favorite broadcaster and let the fans get excited!

“Major features”
・ Enjoy live videos in a high-quality, low-latency environment
Distribution videos range from game videos to face-to-face chats, makeup videos, and more!
Let’s find your own recommendation!
・ Many famous distributors are also distributing!
Many famous streamers, voice actors, and professional gamers are also being delivered!
Let’s get excited by sending comments and gifts!
・ Numerous participatory events held every day
Various events are being held every day, including game ranking events and entertainment auditions!
Let’s support your own recommendation!
・ Background playback
It also supports background playback, so you can enjoy watching while watching!
・ Many e-sports competitions are also distributed
We are delivering a large number of game tournaments in which famous professional gamers participate!
Don’t miss the incandescent battle of god play!
・ Easy delivery environment
You can easily become a distributor with just one smartphone!
Make your debut as a distributor and create your own community!
Since it is live streamed, no video editing skills are required!

“You too become a distributor !?”
・ Mildom is looking for new distributors! Become a commentator and work on your favorite game commentary and livestreaming!

“Recommended for people like this”
・ I just love watching videos
・ People who want to get excited not only by watching videos but also by commenting with distributors
・ When I’m alone at home, I want to feel free to talk to someone
・ I want to become a distributor and communicate with viewers
・ I want to see the incandescent battle of famous professional gamers in real time.
・ I want to relax and watch the game distribution
・ I want to find my own favorite river
・ I want to watch live videos while commuting like a radio
・ I want to improve my skills by watching the god play of professional gamers
・ I like to search for interesting videos with an app that collects videos of various genres.

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